Top 5 Biggest Prize Pool Esports Games 2019

Top 5 Biggest Prize Pool Esports Games 2019

When I say the top 5 biggest prize pool games in Esports, I don’t mean listed by biggest prize pool per tournament. What I mean with this is overall prize pool amount (combined from all the tournaments). Esports is huge nowadays! Pro players spend most of their day training with the team, figuring out new tactics, strengthening weaknesses, and dreaming of global success. But on top of it all, they are rewarded with pretty hefty prizes and eternal fame. Win a tournament, stay noted down in history as the winners. Simple as that!

But which Esports games are absolute leaders in the category of total prize pool amounts? Well, I’m guessing you already know, but number #1 might surprise you if you don’t follow all Esports games closely so you can compare.

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Let’s start of the top 5 biggest prize pool games in Esports list with one of the newer additions to the Esports family – Fortnite!

Number 5 – Fortnite

fortnite esports

Fortnite is the newest game on this list but it’s already picking up slack. Epic Games is not messing around when it comes to making their game reach the desired heights. Up until this point, Fortnite’s combined prize pools equal to a stunning $20,370,000! This number is fairly low compared to the following 4 games, but it’s a huge accomplishment for a 1-year old game! There have only been around 170 Fortnite tournaments with around 1400 professional gamers taking part in these Esports tournaments.

Fortnite started gaining steam very quickly, but it might be running into issues as Apex Legends got released some time ago. We’ll see how Fortnite fares, but there’s no doubt Epic Games will do their best making Fortnite the biggest Esports title in the world!

Number 4 – StarCraft II

starcraft esports

StarCraft II is higher on the top 5 biggest prize pool games in Esports list because of a larger combined prize pool, naturally. However, what might shock you is that StarCraft II is the absolute leader on this list in terms of held tournaments. Five thousand three hundred (5300) tournaments held to date. That is a lot of playtime but hey, if they players are enjoying themselves, who’s to say anything?

Unfortunately, even though StarCraft II was once the king of the jungle, it never really connected with most of the player base. StarCraft II tournaments were never filled with loads of prize money but they brought pride and respect to the winning teams. This game’s combined prize pool equals to $29,000,000 and has had around 1900 professional players take part.

Number 3 – League of Legends

lol esports

The most popular MOBA in the world for a couple of years (alongside Dota 2), League of Legends still reigns strong. The number of new players has slowed down but the game is exceptional at the moment. This is why League of Legends is continuously making a mark in Esports. It’s also no surprise League of Legends appeared in our top 5 biggest prize pool games in Esports list!

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What might be surprising is the position it took. Most people would have expected it to take first place or at least second. While this train of thought isn’t unusual (considering how large LoL is today), it’s still incorrect. League of Legends had around 6100 players go through its competitive scene. 2200 tournaments were held to date and the total prize pool amount is near $64,000,000. That’s still a lot of money, even for third place in our list!

Number 2 – CSGO

csgo esports

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is fairly close to League of Legends in terms of total prize money. Nearly $70,000,000 is the combined prize pool for all CSGO tournaments over the years which is insane to think about.

Or is it?

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When you take into account more than 11k professional players participating in CSGO Esports tournaments throughout the game’s existence, it doesn’t sound so crazy. By the way, CSGO is first in total participating players and comes second, behind StarCraft II, for number of tournaments. CSGO hosted slightly over 3850 Esports tournaments which is a great number for an FPS game.

CSGO is also a very fast-paced and slightly chaotic game that is insanely fun to watch! But still, it comes second to the game in first place in our top 5 biggest prize pool games in Esports list!

And that game is…

Number 1 – Dota 2

top 5 biggest prize pool games

There’s a reason behind people’s admiration for Dota 2 and Valve. They managed to create the ‘sequel’ to one of the earliest MOBA games in the era of games. With the help of IceFrog, and a loyal and dedicated team, Valve released Dota 2 for the modern age of gaming. Since the first International to today, Dota 2 has achieved so much. Both for itself and for Esports.

So, why is Dota 2 in first place? Let’s take a look at the facts: Only a thousand Dota 2 tournaments since release which isn’t a large number; not in the slightest. The pro player numbers are also lower than in League of Legends for example. Only 2900 players participating over the years. But what makes Dota 2 take first place on this top 5 biggest prize pool games in Esports list is the total prize pool. Get ready for it:

$174,200,000. That’s 2 and a half times larger than what CSGO achieved. And this is all thanks to the Dota 2 community; donating to increase the prize pools for tournaments truly revolutionized the way prize pools are calculated in Dota 2. And that means players get paid more as well. A win-win for everyone!

Written by:Stefan Medovarski

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