The Battle for 9th Place in LEC 2019 Spring

The Battle for 9th Place in LEC 2019 Spring

Today marks the 1st day of a new month along with the start of the third week of  LEC 2019 Spring, and by the end of the night there will be only team within the newly franchised league without any on stage wins.

LEC 2019 Spring

In one corner you have the new blood that is Rogue. They were predicted by many analysts going into the season to be in a similar position as their current one. This is because, in spite of the fact they signed players such as Wadid and Kikis, both of whom played on teams that competed on the highest possible stage such as the world championship, neither of the two were truly far beyond their peers in terms of skill and the rest of their lineup Profit, Sencux and Heaq were all coming off rather lackluster splits. These factors combined left the team feeling like it lacked the necessary fire power to compete with the best that Europe had to offer in the LEC 2019 Spring.

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fnatic lec

Facing them on the other side of the rift is the team everyone is rather surprised to find at the bottom of the standings, it’s the most decorated European team in Fnatic. This team had just returned from a World’s final and despite losing two very important players the remaining 4 plus addition of talented young upstart nemesis were expected to be competing with the newly formed super teams of G2 and Misfits.

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However after 4 (technically 5) losses to start the season the question seems to have shifted from when Fnatic will return to form but rather if they can. Before the season started the question of who would win this match would most definitely have favored Fnatic but as it currently stands the question of who will be the better team is very much up in the air.

Written by:Shimeezy

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